Madder Isle

Graduate film for the Royal College of Art, 2017.

An atmospheric Eco Horror confronting human insignificance at the end of the world.

Ecological disaster, a dying planet and the impending extinction of mankind. Madder Isle is an eco-horror film rooted in these fears, proposing the time has come to rethink our relationship as ‘other’ to the earth. The toppling of our anthropocentric values on a global scale is paralleled with the personal struggle to find purpose and significance in life, all the while fearing that there may be none…

In a poisoned sea, on a forsaken rock, a holy sect seek to bring about a new era, but Morgan quickly discovers their intentions are not wholly pure…

Stop motion using puppets, mixed textures and projection. 7m40s


City Sites

Collaboration with Mark Jones and The Mindset Ensemble commissioned by Open Culture for Liverpool Light Night 2016.

Original photos by Mark Jones, layered and manipulated under the camera on a multi-plane with stop motion technique.

The 10 minute film was projected in the Scanadanavian Church, Liverpool and accompanied by a live ensemble premiering an original score.


A collaboration with Simon Knighton, MA Composition student of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Using drawn animation to create a visual representation of a musical score with the aim of making ‘difficult’ and intricate contemporary compositions more accessible to a wider audience.

The 20 minute piece was premiered with a live ensemble accompaniment in Bimhaus, Amsterdam and Korzo Theatre, The Hague, April 2017.


1st year project at the Royal College of Art, Cygnus is an exploration of the seductive allure and abusive nature of power. A warning against apathy in both the personal and political.

Using a pixilation stop motion technique, each shot is based on classical depictions of the rape of Leda by Zeus as he takes the form of the swan. Throughout art history this monstrous act is depicted as seductive and romantic. The reality of such an encounter is much more chilling.