Music Videos

After graduating in 2007 Laura became heavily involved in the music scene in Liverpool, playing trumpet, performing and writing with a number of bands. Making music videos was a way of bringing her love for music, rhythm and pacing together with personal experimentation in animation, with stop motion, collage and illustration as well as film and editing. She made videos for bands she was in as well as other local names. Now Laura makes music videos for artists around the country and is especially interested in collaborations with musicians working on visuals for live performance.

Paul Sadler – Soon To Be Absorbed – 2021


The Aleph – When You’re With Emily – 2018

Laura Cannell – Air Splinters Through – 2017

Emily Portman – Seed Stitich – 2015

The Weave – Princess Salami Socks – 2015

Mikey Kenney – The Counsel of Owls – 2015