Our 5 Creative Ways

Commissioned by Bluecoat and working with participants from Blue Room and Out of the Blue we created ‘Our 5 Creative Ways’ – a film demonstrating the 5 Creative Ways toolkit for artistic growth and reflection.

We used animation, puppetry and green screen techniques as well as filming and performing. We created the whole story and props together and took turns directing and filming. We made all of our own sound effects too!

We were inspired by the props and effects of Michel Gondry films and the colours and style of old Sesame Street clips. We wanted to think of how to make the film as inclusive as possible so opted not to have a script which would need to be subtitled and instead to have all the words included in the action and our explanations of them non verbal.

It was so inspiring to work with innovative artists of all ages with a real can do attitude!

A final musical score was created by Jonathan Hering.

Blue Room is Bluecoat’s inclusive arts project which enables learning disabled adults to explore their creative potential.

Out of the Blue is an arts project for children aged 5 – 11, which delivers creative activities in Norris Green, Anfield, Granby and Clubmoor.

Both groups come together in the school holidays to explore the galleries and create artwork together.