Hey Hey It’s Tuesday

“Surreal humour, a sense of camp and carnival underlie these montages, and the percussion draws them out…” The Age

‘Hey Hey It’s Tuesday’ in collaboration with composer Matthew Shlomowitz and Speak Percussion premiered at Art House,Melbourne as part of Scream Star in June 2022.

Over the first half of 2022 Matthew and I sent back and forward archive clips, wild edits, scores for video, dancing televisions and a Prima Donna blow hole….

“Billed as an “imaginary variety show”, Shlomowitz created a multi-sensory audience experience with the support of filmmaker Laura Spark, whose sometimes moving, sometimes hilarious snippets of archival footage, sketches, dance hall recordings and home movies turned the three performers in turn into backing artists, comedians of sound, foley artists and progressive rockers. The only problem with previews is the lack of uproarious laughter and applause that I’m certain will happen at every performance from opening. Shlomowitz’s variety show was one of generous humour, and greater capacity for technical brilliance from each of the three musicians.” – Limelight Magazine ⭐⭐⭐